Foto Bugil Emma Watson Bakal Jadi 'Kekasih' Taylor Lautner

This time the star handsome actor TWILIGHT, Taylor Lautner, will no longer compete with Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart fight. Because the man is rumored to have switched the view to Emma Watson, as a 'prospective lover'.

Unfortunately, the story of love between two young celebrities will only happen in the fim INCARCERON, which has set Taylor as its main actor. Meanwhile, the figure of hers, the HARRY POTTER star who had 'targeted' to be Taylor's lover in this movie.

However, the beautiful British actress will not easily become 'lovers' Taylor. The reason, the role of Hermione Granger must compete with GOSSIP GIRL star, Blake Lively, as well as Jennifer Lawrence, who also is a candidate for the female lead in this film.

If Emma was selected, then this girl will portray Claudia, trapped in a futuristic prison. Claudia and Finn, played by Taylor, trying to escape from custody this beautifully designed with a crystal key.

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